How to choose the right air duct cleaning company

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        Choosing an air duct cleaning company is not an easy task. Why? Because you are bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and simply bad information. From super low prices and high-pressure sales to unqualified technicians and their worthless methods. How do you ever find a qualified professional air duct cleaner? You start by reading our consumer guide. We put this guy together because all air duct cleaners are not the same and we think the consumer should know the differences before they spend their money. In our consumer guide you will discover the seven critical characteristics you should demand in your air duct cleaner. 

Watch out for the $99 or $199 scams!

The sad truth is most companies that are in the duct cleaning business really don’t clean air ducts. They will however take your money. But when they leave your home your ductwork is still dirty and you’re out of cash. We believe 9 out of 10 companies in this business do nothing but scam hard-working people out of their money. These companies want you to believe there’s no difference between their method and ours when there is really a world of difference. 

Do they have the right equipment?

To do the job right away, you need the right equipment. This is the truck that we use to clean air ducts. It is the most powerful truck on the market for air duct cleaning. Our vacuum is powered by a 185 hp motor. The next most powerful truck in this area is only powered by a 56 hp motor. 

The Longhorn guarantee:

Our competitors cannot compete with us on the equipment we have or the kind of job we do, so they are left trying to deceive the customer into thinking they are just as good as us or their equipment is just as powerful as ours. So here is our guarantee: we promise to clean your air duct correctly or get a 100% refund.. 

Scammers will try to up charge you.

Price is always a concern when buying goods or services. These are the companies out there that advertise really low prices for air duct cleaning. These are just “bait and switch” tactics. When they come into your home they will use high-pressure sales and sell you services you don’t need such as sealing your ductwork. Their low prices will quickly balloon into a $700-$2000 up charge for their services. 

Another thing to watch out for is a company telling you they are giving you a guaranteed price over the phone, which may be something like $250 to clean all your air ducts. They will come to your home and start the job for the price quoted but then after 30 minutes into the job, they will tell you that your air ducts are really dirty and that they recommend going with a deep cleaning method. How much is that you ask. Well that is an extra $500 to $1000! Now you feel if you don’t go with the deep cleaning method you will not get a good cleaning for the original $199 they quoted you for. This is just a bait and switch trick used by some scamming companies. 

Watch the Dateline NBC video here:

Dateline NBC recently did an undercover investigation of air duct cleaning scammers advertising cleanings for $99. Watch the video below and you will be astonished at the tactics these scammers use.

Longhorn Air Duct Cleaning will put in writing exactly how much we charge for a service and how we arrived at that price we will thoroughly clean your ducts for that price and we would never change the price on you we guarantee you the most thorough clean and the best value for your money we have the best trained certified technicians in the business.  We not only want you to be happy with your service, we want you to be thrilled with our service. We know that if you’re thrilled, you will tell your friends, family, and coworkers about us, and that is how we get most of our business. If you have any questions after reviewing our consumer report, please give us a call at 469-824-3555   

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